The customer is ALMOST always right


A funny story to share….Let me know what you think…This man was so……(fill in the blank)

I had to share this one!

The customer is ALMOST always right!

A nice lady and her husband/brother/cab driver…not sure were in. It would seem she convinced him that it was time for a dining table and she wanted to come and see us and save some money.

They came in, browsed a bit and started to talk with one of the sales staff. The store was steady with lots going on when I hear a stern powerful voice saying “where is the boss? I want to talk to the boss”! I walked over and said “I’m the boss” and the man says; “A woman boss-I don’t want to talk to a woman”! I turned around and walked away as I wanted to follow his wishes after all, the customer is always right. (Touché!)

He changed his mind and decided to “deal with a woman” as he started to ask for a discount, we do not discount as all discounts are shown on our price tag, but if I could….what’s the saying, more bees with honey? NO WAY! He felt $399 was too much for a $1200 dining table that was in pristine condition. The woman he was with just ignored him and she and I chatted about the table. We talked about quality and how tables out of China are not kiln dried wood for our Canadian temperatures, we talked about how she was actually saving $800 from the regular price if it were new. By the way, for gently used furniture, it was in excellent shape.

He kept telling her don’t buy it! She ignored him and said I’ll take it. (Hope he was the cab driver or brother) We got to the cash and when I rang it up, he said she “wasn’t paying tax”. I said, sorry but there is tax, we have to collect HST by law. He said “I” shouldn’t charge tax and that it’s wrong. He said “I” should do something about it. I told him that when I am elected as the Prime Minister of Canada, the first thing on my agenda would be to abolish HST on used goods. They paid the tax.

True story….

I love my job….I love my job….I love my job….

  1. Just keep smiling, just keep smiling…he’ll leave soon…

  2. Sooooooooooooooooooo !! correct about the tax on used goods the original purchaser paid the sales tax
    It hurts!! I bought a new car recently and my trade barely covered the tax (in reality I gave My SUV to the
    government) for FREE It was in good condition and will be resold and again be heavily taxed, more for the gov.
    Go for it Michelle count on my support

    • Yes, it’s crazy. We sometimes sell a piece and then 6 months later it’s re consigned meaning tax was paid when purchased new, then twice again when purchased used.

  3. Go for it Michelle! I’ll vote for you.

  4. Too Funny!! Keep up the “I love my job” mantra. Most of us (as in your customers) are not him…….thank goodness!

  5. well done Michelle!

  6. that’s a good one. I use to work in retail and boy the stories you can tell. lol

    How’s your mom doing? I’m the lady who rubbed her shoulders at the church for one of the Dunn’s Funeral.

  7. Good morning Mrs. prime minister to be. it is not often that I am laughing hysterically at 6 AM. Way to go!
    your mother .

  8. Just wond ring when the items I brought in were going to be listed?

    • They are done now. We were a little short handed the last few weeks.

  9. I get that he was rude but this is so unprofessional…

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