How It Works

Here’s how we can work together in 3 easy steps!

1) What can I bring to sell at Décor on a Dime?

Below are two lists illustrating what we are, and are not looking for at Decor On A Dime.

Yes Please

No Thanks!

  • Current furniture and décor items
  • Framed wall décor and mirrors
  • Lamps
  • Sets of dishes/glasses
  • Seasonal items 
  • Some bedding 
  • Some collectibles
  • Man Cave/pop culture
  • Rugs
  • Clocks
  • Decorative accessories
  • Crystal/ silver-must sparkle
  • Some china sets
  • Window coverings
  • Murano Glass
  • Sculptures/ figurines (higher quality)
  • Higher quality costume jewellery
  • Clear glass
  • Partial sets of dishes/glasses
  • Anything from 70’s-90’s
  • Items that were under $25 new
  • Items needing repair or refinishing
  • Lamps without shades
  • Items that need cleaning
  • Items with smells such as smoke
  • Custom window treatments
  • Mattresses and boxsprings
  • Sherry, liquor or sorbet glasses
  • Collector plates
  • Dolls
  • Cherished Teddies
  • Boyd’s Bears
  • Precious Moments
  • Items that are off season

2) How does the process work for selling items at Décor on a Dime?

There are 3 options you can choose for selling your items with a resale value of $15 or greater at Décor on a Dime–Consignment; Buy-out; Store Credit. Note that Consignment will NOT be an option for items deemed to have a resale value of $15 or less*. Please see the chart below for a brief explanation of each option:

E.g.) Total Resale value of item(s) = $100.00

Options Today – Day 45 Day 45 – Day 75 Day 75 – Day 90
#1: Consign 45% of original resale value
(E.g. $45)
45% of original resale value (after discounts 30% of original resale value E.g. $30) 45% of original resale value (after discounts 25% of original resale value E.g. $25)
#2: Buy-out
(given in cash on the spot)
20% of original resale value
(E.g. $20 cash)
 —  —
#3: Store Credit
(placed in a Customer account to be used at any time)
25% of original resale value
(E.g. $25 store credit)
 —  —

*Some exceptions apply. Further details will be provided in-store upon dropping off your items. 

3) When can I bring my items to Decor on a Dime?

Small Items

  • 15-20 items per day
  • Monday to Friday 10am-5pm
  • Clean and ready to sell will maximize resale price

Large Items

Click images to enlarge.  Images provided by Olivia Pase.